Building for the future.

The creation of buildings, cities, and amazing places is an art as old as time itself, an art that is constantly moving forward, pushing the limits of people and technologies. At Ingram & Associates, we thrive by being on the front of this fast moving train, bringing new ideas, new methods, and new perspectives to every endeavor, helping to achieve the ultimate success.


Project Management

Providing comprehensive planning, coordination, and oversight of complex construction projects from start to finish.

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Design Phase

Costs analysis, design process management, schedule control, document review, phasing plan development, and permitting strategies.

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Construction Phase

Construction process management, schedule and cost control, submittal procedures, and coordination of inspections. The final product!

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About Ingram & Associates


Ingram & Associates is a full service facility planning and construction management firm. Our mission is to provide superior technical services to our clients for any size project. We accomplish this goal by utilizing excellent engineering disciplines and working closely with the client’s end users and other members of the Development Team. Based on the tools that we use, we will be able to form a strategic partnership with you on your upcoming project. Ingram & Associates is exceptionally skilled at providing dialogue with your internal organizations, while implementing the corporate strategic plan in a cost effective manner.

Ingram & Associates has managed projects worldwide, totaling over 20,000,000 square feet.

Ours is a roll-up-the-sleeves, hands on working approach that emphasizes an in-depth dialogue between our senior staff and your top managers. We are capable of bringing to your organization capabilities to organize and oversee the internal thinking process and decision making that is necessary while planning and building new construction projects.

We feel that in order to maintain a project within budget during all design and construction phases, all items of design and cost must be considered during the period when the budget is being established. We believe the total budget form and project budgeting process used by Ingram & Associates will assist in that process, as it has for literally dozens of projects over the last 30 years.