Design Phase Services

Consultation During Project Development 
Ingram & Associates will schedule and attend regular meetings with the Architect/Engineer and other design sources during the development of conceptual and preliminary design, to advise our client about on-site use and improvements, construction feasibility, availability of materials and labor, time requirements for installation and construction, and factors related to cost including costs of alternative designs or materials, preliminary budgets, processing feasibility, and potential economies of alternate methods or systems.

Develop a Project Time Schedule that coordinates and integrates the efforts of all design sources including process equipment and systems designs and construction schedules. Update the Project Time Schedule, incorporating a detailed schedule for the construction and installation operations of the project, including realistic activity sequences and durations, and allocation of labor and materials.

Based on observations and information received from the Architect/Engineer and other design sources, we will monitor the schedule reporting any variations to our client. We will include our client’s occupancy requirements, showing portions of the project having occupancy priority.

Project Construction Budget 
Prepare a project budget as soon as major project requirements have been identified and update the budget based on a quantity survey of drawings and specifications at the end of the Schematic Design Phase. The budget will include fees and other client costs, if required, for approval by our client as the Project Construction Budget. Updating and refining this estimate for our client’s approval as the development of the drawings and specifications proceed.

Coordination of Construction Documents 
Review the drawings and specifications as they are being prepared, recommending alternative solutions whenever design details affect construction feasibility schedules, without, however, assuming any of the designer’s responsibility for design. Develop a system of recording document progress and changes throughout the design stage and track bulletins and field changes after contracts are awarded.

Long-Lead Items 
Recommend for purchase, and expedite the procurement of long-lead items to ensure their delivery by the required dates.

Ingram & Associates will review the drawings and specifications with the Architect/Engineer to eliminate areas of conflict and overlapping in the work to be performed by the various trade contractors, and prepare qualifications criteria for bidders when applicable.



Project Management

Providing comprehensive planning, coordination, and oversight of complex construction projects from start to finish.

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Construction Phase

Construction process management, schedule and cost control, submittal procedures, and coordination of inspections. The final product!

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