Construction Phase Services

Project Control 
Ingram & Associates will monitor the work of the trade contractors and coordinate the work with the activities and responsibilities of our client and Architect/Engineer to complete the project in accordance with the objectives of cost, time and quality.

We will establish procedures for coordination among our client, Architect/Engineer, other design sources and trade contractors, with respect to all aspects of the project, and implement such procedures. Ingram & Associates will schedule and conduct progress meetings, at which trade contractors, our client, Architect/Engineer and other design sources can jointly discuss such matters as procedures, progress, problems and scheduling. Take meeting minutes and distribute to all appropriate parties.

Ingram & Associates will provide regular monitoring of the schedule as construction and installation of systems progresses. Identify potential variances between scheduled and probable completion dates. Review schedule for work not started or incomplete and inform our client and trade contractors of adjustments in the schedule to meet the completion date.

Cost Control
Develop and monitor an effective system of project cost control. Revise and refine the initially approved Project Construction Budget, incorporate approved changes as they occur, determine variance between actual and budgeted or estimated costs, and advise our client and Architect/Engineer whenever projected costs exceed budgets or estimates.

Permits and Fees
Assist our client, Architect/Engineer and Designers in obtaining all building permits and special permits for permanent improvements, excluding permits for inspection or temporary facilities required to be obtained directly by the various trade contractors. Assist in obtaining approvals from all the authorities having jurisdiction.

Change Orders 
Develop and implement a system for the preparation, review and processing of bulletins, field orders and change orders. Recommend necessary or desirable changes to our client and Architect/Engineer, review request for changes, submit recommendations to our client and the Architect/Engineer, and assist in negotiating change orders. Keep our client informed of the time and cost implications of all changes.

Observe the work of trade contractors for defects and deficiencies in the work without assuming any of the Architect/ Engineer’s and design sources responsibilities for inspection. Develop a quality control program. Notify trade contractors of deficiencies and follow through to ensure that corrections are made in a timely manner.

Shop Drawings and Samples
In collaboration with the Architect/Engineer, establish and implement procedures for expediting the processing and approval of shop drawings and samples.

Reports and Project
Site Documents record the progress of the project. Submit written progress reports to our client and the Architect/Engineer, including information on the trade contractor’s work and the percentage of completion. Maintain a properly documented photo log to record job progress or highlight problem conditions.

Substantial Completion
With the Architect, determine substantial completion of the work, or designated portions thereof, and prepare a list of incomplete or unsatisfactory items. Establish a schedule for their completion, and coordinate correction and completion of the work.

Final Completion 
Determine the final completion and provide written notice to our client and Architect/Engineer or responsible design source that the work is ready for final inspection. Secure and transmit to our client required guarantees, affidavits, release, bonds, and waivers, all keys, manuals, record drawings and maintenance stocks. Summarize bidding and performance history of trade contractors.


Project Management

Providing comprehensive planning, coordination, and oversight of complex construction projects from start to finish.

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Design Phase

Costs analysis, design process management, schedule control, document review, phasing plan development, and permitting strategies.

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