Sharks Ice Locker Room San Jose, California


About the project:

In the brief window between the end of the 2014-15 NHL season and the start of the 2015-16 training camp, the locker room at the Sharks Ice training facility underwent massive improvements in function and feel. The warm, vintage look of the new locker room comes from old growth redwood beams reclaimed from local drinking water reservoirs. Unique mineral deposits and nail holes hint at the wood’s heritage.

The redesigned flow of the locker room improved access between the player’s lounge, street clothes locker room, main hallway, restroom, and showers. Relocating the coaches’ office made room for a conference room and the expansion of the coaches’ restroom, locker, and shower.

In addition to reclaimed redwood and other upgraded finishes, all of the locker room lighting fixtures were replaced with energy-saving, long-lasting LEDs, and a perimeter soffit was added for the new San Jose Sharks branding and graphics.